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Lindsay Blevins has always been a storyteller. At the young age of five, she wrote and illustrated a book for her dad called The Frot that Omost Got Etin, and ever since, she has been creating illustrations and crafting stories about the things that bring her joy. She now lives and works in Boston, MA, where she creates whimsical paintings, and sells her line of greeting cards to beautiful shops all across the east coast.

Lindsay's illustrated critters live in a cozy world where they prepare for family picnics, knit long scarves, and nurture special friendships. In this world, birds nest in a sheep's warm wool, and chickens spend long hours gardening. Hugely inspired by nature and her childhood in rural Lancaster, Pennsylvania, Lindsay hopes to create illustrations that will inspire the imagination of her viewer's inner child, and ignite a sense of warmth and happiness.

Lindsay's greeting cards can be found at a variety of retail locations throughout the east coast. View her current list of retailers here!


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All works Copyright Lindsay Blevins 2016